Wine & Spirits

The wine & spirits industry is a complex mosaic of markets like no other, differing significantly across regions and countries, entwined with local culture and regulation, and constantly subjected to changing trends.

Linkfluence helps you understand and act on the factors driving your categories, brands, and products. Keep ahead of the competition and stay close to your consumers in every market.

Shape the consumer experience with success

By analyzing millions of social conversations, through the application of AI and human market research expertise, Linkfluence enables you to better understand the evolving functional benefits, consumption patterns and distribution trends that drive your categories. 


Stay on top of shifting trends such as premiumization, sustainability, responsible drinking, and the long wave of e-commerce and the boom in B2C brands. Use these insights to shape your brand experiences to address evolving consumer expectations.


Understand emerging trends

The wine & spirits industry is deeply rooted in tradition, with many brands playing heavily on their heritage to appeal to consumers. However, it is not immune from the fundamental business disruption and lifestyle changes that have created challenges for many other industries. 


Gain a deeper understanding of emerging trends, tastes and changing consumer attitudes as they unfold. Adapt your storytelling, marketing tactics and metrics to get closer to your consumers wherever they may be.


Guide your influencer strategy and discover your micro-influencers

Top-down trendsetting has been upended, and the traditional marketing approach of sending bottles to a small number of influencers with large audiences no longer works as well as it used to. 


Brands must seek more subtle ways of working with a wider range of macro, micro, and nano influencers such as chefs or bartenders in contexts such as food pairing and cocktails. Linkfluence can help you to identify and evaluate the grassroots influencers who will make a real difference for your brands.

Measure owned and earned media

We help Veuve Clicquot develop brand awareness and customer loyalty and harmonize social communication by evaluating their reach on the social web.

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