Instant High-Impact Insights for your Entire Business

Linkfluence’s insight pages provide focused metrics and visualizations in a single place, for every use case across your business, so you can make better informed decisions more quickly. 

Intelligence made actionable

We’ve developed a new approach to make consumer intelligence more actionable. Our insights pages are specifically designed to respond to your needs at every stage of the brand lifecycle.


  • Robust methodology perfected over years of consumer insight production
  • Our data is intelligently structured by software & industry experts to make it easier to interrogate 
  • Powerful enough for experts, intuitive enough for non-technical users

Crystal clear data storytelling

Each of our insights pages has been built around the requirements of specific use cases. They make it possible to explore critical questions and make informed decisions in a standardized way.


  • Use-case mapping and analysis
  • Role-based information design
  • Explorable data visualizations and metrics

Share insight across the organization

Freeze the content of an insight page so you can share it as a snapshot report. Make it easy for casual users and even non-users of the platform to access digested insight.


  • No need for recipients to be users of the platform
  • Automatic archival
  • Easy annotation and feedback

Customizable and extensible

Radarly, our consumer insights platform, includes an easy-to-use editor so you can fully customize data visualizations and dashboards and make your own. It provides an extensive list of cards with different areas of focus and metrics that you can use as building blocks.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor 
  • Library of ready-to-use cards and KPIs
  • Add annotations for the benefit of colleagues
Insight Page Editor

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