Custom Insight and Expert Assistance When You Need It

Support your decision-making processes and in-house teams with expert-led research and consulting services. Linkfluence offers a unique combination of unrivaled technology and expert services on demand.

 Design and produce custom reports and research
 Market and cultural expertise to explain what is driving your metrics
On-site workshops and support

Powerful insights platform combined with human expertise

The Linkfluence platform is designed to empower everyone across the organization – specialists and non-specialists alike – to produce and access consumer intelligence. We also offer a hybrid approach to cover all of your needs: We can complement your in-house capabilities and bring you expert assistance whenever needed to go take your research and intelligence further.


Close to you. Close to your markets

Linkfluence’s Insight Services teams are present across the globe and offer linguistic and cultural expertise across 20 market regions. We have deep expertise to offer in the FMCG, Wine & Spirits, Healthcare, Perfume, Energy, Banking, and Automotive verticals.


From snapshots to in-depth research

Benefit from custom reports fully tailored to the scope, depth and frequency you require. We can help you examine specific areas of interest and derive strategic learnings.

Examples include:

  • Topic & Market Exploration
  • Brand Image Assessment
  • Trend Detection
  • Campaign Impact Measurement
  • Influencer Detection and Assessment
  • Target Group Analysis
  • Brand and Product Reputation
  • Brand Equity Tracking
  • Customer Experience

Build up your own insight expertise

We show you how you can do it too. Our mission is to empower your teams and to strengthen your in-house capabilities.

We can lead ideation workshops to help you better define problems and use the best research strategies. We provide hands-on social media research training so you can become more autonomous and get more value out of the Linkfluence platform.

We can also join your team to provide embedded support, lead project management, transfer best practices and produce work over longer periods of time.