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Smarter Market Research with Real-Time Social Data

Social media is the world's largest focus group.
Get answers to your key business questions with our expert researchers and proprietary monitoring technology.

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Artificial intelligence + human expertise

Modern businesses rely on technology. But sometimes this isn’t enough on its own.

Linkfluence’s team of data researchers helps you interpret and act on the extraordinary insights social media provides. Receive customized market research reports and analysis tailored to your specific business needs and goals, prepared by experts in the field.

Brand performance analysis and insights

Brand performance analysis and insights 

Find out how your brand is perceived on social media. More importantly, see how it compares with other industry brands, and how this perception evolves over time.

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Audience analysis and tribe detection

Audience analysis and tribe detection

Social media analysis helps you find new audience segments to target. Learn the language they use, the topics they care about, and what they think about your brand. 

This analysis lets your build "Tribes" - new market segments to reach with campaigns.

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Market trends detection

Market trends detection

Our team scours social media to discover the next big trends in your industry, and the demographics and groups that these will appeal to.

This helps you stay create products and campaigns that mean more to your buyers.

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Understand the consumer's voice

Understand the consumer voice

Brands need to know what motivates and excites buyers. They also need to know how customers and prospects feel about them to protect and improve brand reputation.

Get the full view of your brand’s image online, based on millions of comments from across social media, blogs, forums, and the web.

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Market research with data science

We combine market research and data science to identify new indicators of valuable insights for our customers. We've developed original data science techniques to help you do the following:

DETECT TRENDS: We can find new indicators and apply predictive models to detect patterns, and discover new trends. 

  • Time series
  • Predictive modelling shows emerging trends and soon-to-be hot topics.

TRACK TRIBES: Data science helps detect similarities and common characteristics within groups of people. This is a powerful tool to help segment your audience.
  • Clustering tools find common traits and group like social media users together.
  • Topic detection and language processing pull out key details from social posts for you to use in campaigns.
  • Network analysis shows you how different users interact and form networks or tribes on social media. 

MEASURE BRAND EQUITY: Data science and AI classify data automatically in order to detect brand pillars. These are the topics and values that users associate closely with your brand, for good and bad.

  • A classification system helps to create brand pillars based on recurring themes.
  • Language processing identifies conversations that match these pillars, whether or not they use the keywords you expect.

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Our social data consulting team

biggest team in the world

More than 100 local research analysts:

Our social media research team is the biggest in the world, with specialized teams for each industry and vertical, experienced in working with leading global brands.

Embraced cultures

More than 30 spoken languages:

Your brand and your customers are international. So is our team, and they know what matters for your business in different cultures.

local data analysts

Customizable studies:

Our studies car be conducted at once to assess a particular focal point in detail, or be carried out regularly in order to gauge performance over time.

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