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Consumer Intelligence Maturity Assessment

Understand where your brand sits in the market and uncover active opportunities to improve your organization's consumer insights capabilities. Find out your score in minutes by taking our free assessment. 

Why assessing maturity is important

The abundance of online consumer data has created an opportunity for brands to develop a deeper than ever understanding of their customers, competitors, and markets. Assessing the consumer intelligence maturity of your organization helps you make the best out of online consumer data. With the Linkfluence Maturity Model, you can:


  • Understand how your business is using online data to influence overall strategy
  • Discover the strengths and areas of improvement of your organization
  • Receive personalized recommendations to improve your execution, adoption, and application of consumer intelligence
  • Obtain competitive benchmarks for how your program compares to others
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Benchmark your capabilities against other leading brands

The world's leading brands understand the strengths and opportunities of their consumer insights capabilities. Interested in seeing how you stack up against them? By taking our maturity assessment, you can see how your organization's consumer insights capabilities stack up against other industry leading brands. 


Assessing maturity, our simple and effective methodology

The Linkfluence Maturity Model was carefully crafted by industry experts to assess three fundamental pillars of an organization's consumer intelligence capabilities:

  • Application: Extent to which an entity uses consumers intelligence across various use cases or applications, and how advanced these applications are
  • Adoption: The size of staff in the organization using consumer intelligence, deployment across an organization's teams, and leadership dedicated to implementation 
  • Execution: Type of business outcomes achieved, insight sharing across the organization, and the use of regional and non-social network data
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The world's leading brands understand the strengths and opportunities in their consumer insights capabilities. Does your brand?