What's New at Linkfluence

The Linkfluence platform helps you build a deeper understanding of your customers and markets in real time. This quarter, we are are investing in more product improvements and data enhancements to help you identify consumer trends and patterns more easily.


Linkfluence: AI-enabled consumer intelligence

At Linkfluence we’re focused on just one thing; helping marketers find consumer insights that have a powerful impact on your business.  By applying AI, data science, and market research expertise to a live feed of global data sources, we transform unstructured data into scientific consumer insights in real-time.




Introducing DiscoveryBETA, our AI-based Insight Assistant

DiscoveryBETA is a new technology that automatically detects, explains and surfaces unusual changes and shifts within a workspace data set to help our users discover potentially important insights.
It helps data analysts while exploring their data sets more systematically and efficiently, resulting in greater time savings and improved data analysis quality.

Product Updates

Check out our latest product updates and enhancements to help you gather real-time insights and understand your consumers faster.