Measure Brand Equity Through Spontaneous Conversations

Great global brands stand out from the competition. But a brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is. Linkfluence Brands supports your brand strategy by enabling you to evaluate and track brand equity through the prism of online conversations.
Robust methodology and measurement framework

Based on a robust methodology and measurement framework
Social conversations

Continuous, unbiased feedback from authentic, spontaneous conversations
Faster and more cost-effective than surveys and focus groups

Faster and more cost-effective than surveys and focus groups
Available within Radarly

Available as a premium app directly within Radarly

Hear what consumers say when you are not in the room

Get a detailed representation of your brand equity across multiple brand drivers, benchmarked against those of your competitors.

Linkfluence Brands analyzes and structures social media conversations and content so you can do much more than just listening:


Guide and optimize your next brand activation
Detect new business opportunities
Measure your influence versus competing brands in multiple markets
Refine your messaging and advertising strategy
Enrich your content strategy with topics and talking points that resonate
Fine-tune your media spend


Assess and improve your brand equity

Understand your market better and see how you are positioned within it. Uncover your industry drivers. Measure the gap between your projected brand image of your brand versus your real online perception. See what values and sentiments are attached to your brand, your category, your competitors and emerging brands.

Linkfluence Brands builds on Linkfluence’s rigorous and proven brand equity framework, ADPR (Awareness, Desirability, Proximity, Relevance), which measures brand equity across a series of performance and positioning metrics.



How conversational is my brand? What is our strength and share of voice?


How desirable is my brand? What is our share of positive sentiment in discussions?


How engaging is my brand? Is it appealing to share? What is our interaction ratio?


How aligned is my brand on equity dimensions? How do we compare to core industry drivers?

Data and insight on demand

Linkfluence Brands is designed for the specific nature and scale of social conversations. It is compatible with, and complements, formal commissioned research such as focus groups. However, unlike these, once set up and expertly configured with the relevant live data feeds and historic data, Brands provides you with insights any time you choose, meaning your metrics never go out of date.


Use the whole social web as your focus group to access large datasets on demand
Tap into spontaneous feedback unbiased by interview questions
Make meaningful comparisons thanks to industry-level and competitive benchmark drivers


Manage your brand strategy with Linkfluence

Consistent with traditional brand equity trackers

A framework designed for social and consistent with traditional brand equity trackers
Performance and positioning metrics

Performance and positioning metrics specific to your brands, categories and competitors
Custom dashboards and data visualizations directly within Radarly

Custom dashboards and data visualizations directly within Radarly
Quarterly reports

Optional curated quarterly reports explaining what is driving equity and how

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