AI-Enabled Consumer Insights Platform

Build a deeper understanding of your customers and markets in real time.

Always-on brand intelligence



Radarly is an AI-powered consumer insights platform with social data at its core. It combines the immediacy of digital data with the rigor of proven Consumer and Market Insight methodologies. It gives you access to reliable, structured quantitative and qualitative intelligence at all times.

Always on. Actionable. Explorable. Extensible

Always on. Actionable. Explorable. Extensible
 Tailored for the needs of your whole organization

Tailored for the needs of your whole organization
Unrivaled depth of data

Unrivaled depth of data. Expert data structuring and visualization
Expert built and backed

Expert built and backed. Seamlessly delivered

Keep pace with fast changing consumers

Go beyond social listening. Your success depends not just on listening to social conversations. You must stay attuned to dynamic markets and fast-moving customers more effectively than the competition! Radarly empowers you to support a more agile, customer-centric and data-driven brand lifecycle.


Expert data structuring and research best practices built-in
Role-based insight for the whole organization
Real-time, global data analysis


Empower your whole business

Go from insight to action faster. Radarly is designed to serve the needs of the entire organization in multiple industries. It covers every stage of the brand and product-management lifecycle from strategy to execution and everything in between.

Crystal-clear visualizations and reports for every stakeholder
Easy to use with no technical background required. Limitless possibilities for power users
Create and customize instant insights pages for all your internal customers


Use the technology behind the most successful brands

We’ve been in your place. As market research experts and data scientists, we’ve spent over a decade serving the world’s most successful and diverse brands. We’ve built the same frameworks and data models into Radarly and refined them to give you a competitive edge.


High-value use cases tailored to your line-of-business and geographical context
Largest library of expert-designed brand queries and visualizations
Industry-leading AI text and image analysis for real-time, worldwide insight at scale
Recognized advance in computer vision: logo and scene detection, emotion analysis, celebrity recognition


Unrivaled global data coverage

Welcome to the world’s largest focus group. Linkfluence Radarly gives you broad, deep data coverage and multilingual capability so you benefit from universal metrics in a single platform. We are unrivaled in China across APAC where we are the only vendor that maintains certifications & partnerships with all the regional and local social media players. For example, we are the only vendor outside of China with direct, compliant access to Sina Weibo data.


Robust, compliant data access. Unrivaled in China and APAC
Unified metrics across all of your markets
Powerful text analysis capabilities in 60+ languages
Our experts are fluent in the languages and cultures of 40 countries so you are never alone in interpreting your data


We make your insight work for you. Faster

Radarly addresses your key use cases out of the box so you can get started fast. Our AI topic clustering automatically surfaces insight without the need to design queries or even start out with a specific question.

We’ve developed a new approach to streamlining onboarding and adoption through to maturity. And we have a successful 10-year track record in implementing large-scale global deployments that involve complex requirements and custom integrations.


Expert-backed and delivered so you see results faster
Value-added services including data structuring, training, project management and consulting
We can also provide expert human analysis if you need deeper understanding of the cultural context or help interpreting data. We can even produce fully-baked research


Best for large organizations

Radarly is designed to respond to the complex needs of large organizations. The platform comfortably scales up to handle multiple users working collaboratively across a global business, including internal teams and external agency partners. Comprehensive localization options ensure that users in all countries will find Linkfluence easy to work with.


Modern architecture for scalability and governance
Rights and access management for working with distributed teams and third-parties
Handles specific local needs in terms of audience diversity, etc


Everything you need to support your most important decisions

Radarly enables you to listen to and analyze hundreds of millions of real-time social conversations as they happen. It gives you the infrastructure to derive dependable measurements and insights. Use them to inform your most important strategic and operational decisions.



Linkfluence Consumer Insights Platform


From data visualization to data structuring, we can fully tailor the platform to your specific needs. 

Radarly is also complemented by a series of premium add-ons:


Measure Brand Equity Through Spontaneous Conversations


Segment, Understand and Activate your Audiences

Customer Experience

Understand Real Feedback To Improve Customer Experience


Detect Trends & Opportunities in Your Markets

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