Turn Real Feedback into World Class Customer Experience

According to Gartner, customer experience drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming price and brand combined. Linkfluence automatically analyzes ratings, reviews, customer feedback or social conversations so you can improve your product, service and retail performance.
Cross-channel customer experience

A complete quantitative and qualitative picture of the cross-channel customer experience
Reviews and ratings

Uniquely consolidates and analyses reviews and ratings together with social conversations and first-party voice-of-the-customer data
Expert structuring

Expert structuring of raw ratings and reviews to yield meaningful operational metrics and insight
Available within Radarly

Available as a premium app directly within Radarly

Fine tune your retail strategy and operation

Get a quantitative and qualitative analysis of all your points of sale and those of your retail partners.

Are standards being upheld? How is the competition doing? What should we improve or change? Tap into data from Google and TripAdvisor. Consolidate multiple sources of data to get a truer picture of your quality of service and the in-store experience:


Surface your strengths, weaknesses and any points of friction encountered
Understand shoppers’ attitudes and preferences

See trends. Compare stores, local markets and competitors

Detect any immediate operational issues or red flags
Identify new opportunities and prioritize investments


Create products and services that keep your customers loyal

Better understand the experiences of customers using your products and services – and those of the competition. What keeps them loyal and engaged? What makes them switch? What do they value? What do they avoid?

Better understand the user journey and the purchase path

Improve your acquisition and retention strategies

Find out what makes consumers share their experiences both good and bad

Detect any negative feedback on the product use, application or packaging

Benefit from a quantitative and qualitative analysis of your product portfolio so you can innovate and improve


Exploit all your data

Linkfluence Customer Experience platform enables you to analyze multiple sources of voice-of-the-customer data to give you a fuller picture of the customer experience.
It uniquely consolidates both structured and unstructured data from ratings and reviews platforms along with social conversations and even your own 1st-party and digital data.

Consolidate and analyze multiple CX-oriented sources in the same place
API access to an extensive catalog of ratings & reviews platforms. Include offline research, surveys, customer feedback, chats and call transcriptions


Monitor your global customer experience

With Customer Experience, Linkfluence is the only platform that provides a unified view of CX in both the Western world and China.


If you monitor Customer Experience in your stores, add Dianping to Google Reviews to understand the point of view of Chinese customers.

If you want to assess the experience of consumers buying and using your products, reviews from Taobao, Tmall and JD.com are essential to understand Chinese consumers.

Global CX Data

Continuous structured insight

Linkfluence Customer Experience is uniquely built around a methodological framework and a data structure designed by insight professionals and data scientists. It provides you with both quantitative and qualitative insight. It includes specific scorecards and data visualizations that you can explore and filter.

Extract insight from textual data thanks to natural language processing. Over 60 languages supported

Normalize ratings and metrics across platforms

Analyze trends and cohorts over time

Transforms raw ratings & reviews into clear categories and dimensions that can be exploited by brand, product, operational and customer experience teams


Improve Customer Experience with Linkfluence

Data visualization

Specific scorecards, interactive filters and data visualizations directly within Radarly
Enhanced client empowerment

Enhanced client empowerment as part of our insights maturity program
API access to reviews and ratings platforms

API access to reviews and ratings platforms globally
Data structure and analytical dimensions

Data structure and analytical dimensions specifically designed for brand, product and CX teams

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