Spot Trends & Opportunities Before Your Competitors

Keeping up with fast-changing consumer behavior is a major challenge
for brands. Linkfluence helps you stay ahead of your competitors by
identifying the rising trends that have the potential for long-term
global impact on your market.

This enables you to predict future consumer trends with a high degree
of confidence, so your business can stay ahead of the curve.
Successful trend spotting

A three-step approach that covers each key element of successful trend spotting: detection, monitoring, forecasting
data-driven trend-spotting

A unique data-driven trend-spotting platform which takes the guesswork out of strategic innovation, using powerful prediction algorithms
A robust methodology

A robust methodology based on advanced data science and world-beating human expertise in multiple markets and industries
Available within Radarly

Available as a premium plug-in app directly within Radarly, our consumer insights platform

Identify and interpret
emerging signals

Our team of market research experts works closely with our data scientists and software engineers to detect emerging signals such as:


Consumption moments

New social aspirations

New brands or new product usages

Key cultural moments


Analyze and understand rising trends

When a new trend is detected, Linkfluence helps you to analyze it more deeply, assessing its strength and growth over time. This means that when a qualitative hypothesis is formed during the first stage of trend detection, you can validate that idea with more tangible quantitative data.


Forecast the trends that will shape tomorrow’s consumer behavior

Linkfluence trend detection uses advanced prediction algorithms that enable you to build accurate forecasts of how consumers and your market are likely to change over time, giving you the ability to build an innovation strategy that meets their changing demands.

By applying our predictive models to a robust dataset, we are able to give you foresight into how trends could evolve and impact your business.



Predict Consumer Behavior with Linkfluence

Custom dashboards, interactive filters and data visualizations

Custom dashboards, interactive filters and data visualizations directly within Radarly
Strong support from market research and software experts

Strong support from market research and software experts to define the best approach to trend identification
Prediction algorithms

Prediction algorithms designed to help you forecast trends with a high degree of accuracy
Ad-hoc deep-dive research and regular recurring reports

Ad-hoc deep-dive research and regular recurring reports available as optional additional services

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