Segment, Understand and Activate your Audiences

The era of passive audiences is over. Consumers crave authenticity and flock to their peers based on shared interests and values. Linkfluence Tribes enables you to better understand these new mindsets, so-called tribes, so you can better segment your customers and engage them with more authenticity.
View of tribes and mindsets in step with social lifestyles

An always-on view of tribes and mindsets in step with social lifestyles
A complementary psychographic approach

A complementary psychographic approach to demographic segmentation
Robust methodology

Robust methodology harnessing massive scale social data
Available within Radarly

Available as a premium app directly within Radarly

Get closer to your customers

Identify and explore tribes of interest with a next generation audience segmentation tool. Confirm their relevance and relationship to your brand so you can refine your positioning and messaging to become more customer centric.

Linkfluence Tribes uses machine learning and expert data structuring to map  over 140 million profiles across 6 million topics. You can learn how your tribes are made up (demographics, structure, influencers, activity) and gain an understanding of each of your sub-tribes. Think of it as next-level audience segmentation technology. Use it to gain an edge in:

Strategic planning and positioning
Content and messaging strategy
Innovation, product and market development
Influencer and outreach strategy


Understand their interests and lifestyles

What experiences do they have? What attributes define their lifestyles? Where do they go? How do they keep themselves entertained? What do they talk about?

Discover what drives discussions and who is leading the conversation. Find what content engages the most and who is creating it within the audience segments that interest you.


Improve engagement and activation

Linkfluence Tribes supports your content strategy. It enables you to identify opportunities to engage with and activate your target audiences with a more authentic voice.


See more clearly how people view your brand

Measure the resonance of your brand. Find out how your brand is discussed and perceived by your tribes. Identify your advocates and detractors.


Compare and contrast tribes

Linkfluence machine learning algorithms map 100m+ profiles across 6m topics to identify tribes and communities.  Compare two or more tribes based on their topics of interest and brand mentions. Track how trends and behaviors are developing across them.


Act on the constantly changing consumer behaviors with Linkfluence Tribes

Custom dashboards, interactive filters and data visualizations

Custom dashboards, interactive filters and data visualizations directly within Radarly
Enhanced client empowerment

Enhanced client empowerment as part of our insights maturity program
Expert data structuring

Expert data structuring and curation with twice-yearly corpus updates
Optional deep-dive or recurring reports

Optional deep-dive or recurring reports as a service

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