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Climbing the social data ladder

When done correctly, social listening can produce actionable consumer insights that lead to more informed, strategic business decisions. Find out how to do it right.

LIVE WEBINAR: Social Brand Equity

Learn how to measure brand equity faster and with with more accuracy using social data.

Influencer Marketing in China

Learn how to find valuable influencers for in China and measure the performance of brand ambassadors using social data.

Fashion consumer trends

What Social Media Tells Us About Fashion Buyer Behaviour

Market trend detection

How leading brands and businesses keep up with ever-changing consumer preferences

Fashion trends: Dad shoes

How luxury fashion brands started a sportswear trend with controversy

The rise (and fall?) of the avocado

How luxury fashion brands started a sportswear trend with controversy

How to market and sell better by leveraging online conversations.

Fuel your marketing and sales strategies with social insights

How to become and Instagram star

10 hacks to become an Instagram star.

How social movements spread online

5 examples from veganism.

Brexit Infographic

Analysis of MP conversations on Twitter

Influencer marketing for global brands

Identify and collaborate with influencers for maximum brand impact

Food trends: Avocado

The rise and fall of the avocado.

Automotive infographic

Analysis of social conversation surrounding the automotive market