Understand your consumers with real-time social insights. 


Get unrivaled access to billions of social media posts everywhere, every day.

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Detailed analytics:
See what matters to your audience

Get the big picture of your brand or topics and draw key insights. See in real time who’s talking about your brand, the keywords or emojis they use, where the conversations take place, and how they feel about your brand or your products.

Then dive deeper! Choose from a range of other AI-enriched analytics including audience demographics, topic analysis, image recognition, and more.

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Image recognition:
Uncover the power of images

Use image analysis algorithms to transform objects, scenes, attributes, or emotions into actionable insights. Analyze thousands of images and learn how social media users feel about your logo and brand, and see other topics they discuss at the same time.

Linkfluence’s proprietary computer vision technology lets you capture every image containing your brand, even if that image is blurred, cropped, or small.

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See what interests people in specific locations 

Get a full picture of all the conversations in a particular area, even if your chosen keywords and hashtags aren’t used.

Geo Search lets you search any location on the map, draw a virtual area around the places you’re interested in, and visualize all the content published online in that area.

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Content Landscape:
A 30,000 ft view of the opinions around your brand and industry

Content Landscape offers a macro view of the conversations around your brand or whatever topic you’re monitoring. This AI-powered feature automatically categorizes the most important topics and entities and shows the sentiment and context associated.

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Influencer tracking:
Discover the best influencers for your brand and campaigns

Influencers help expand your brand’s reach beyond your existing buyers. Find the best influencers for your brand and your campaigns, see what they say, and measure their performance.

Our platform lets you track specific influencers, or discover new ones based on the topics they talk about. Either way, you don’t have to manually search on social media.

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Powerful social listening platform for comprehensive monitoring


Every major source:

We monitor over 400 million sources daily on social media, blogs, forums, review sites, and the news. Billions of posts, conversations, and images from brands and people in more than 60 languages and 180 countries.


Global coverage:

Key Western platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, plus leading Asian networks like Weibo, Youku, Baidu, and more.


Powered by AI:

We rely on state of the art machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing to enrich social media data.


Customizable dashboards:

Build the interface that suits you! Tailor your social data to make your reporting easier, and create automatic alerts using the keywords you care about.


Automated reports:

Have custom reports delivered to you at the frequency of your choice. Save time with our automated Radarly Report Builder.


Data exports:

Export and edit your data to use however you choose. Available in Excel, PowerPoint and PNG formats.

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