Linkfluence Search gives you the fastest and easiest way to track trends, benchmark against competitors, and measure your campaigns with zero setup.


Audience summary

Understand your audience at a glance and get key demographic summaries of who’s talking about your brand or keywords, on which platforms, and in which countries.

The simplest way to truly know who talks about you online.

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Topic analysis

Learn the themes most associated with your keywords of interest with the topic wheel. 

An easy way to find new trends and see what else people talk about when they mention your brand.

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Sentiment & emoji analysis

Discover the good, the bad, and the angry with AI-enriched analysis for sentiment and emojis, to better understand brand perceptions and associations.

These tools enhance social media data and help to tell the full story at a glance.

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Advanced filter search

Cut through the noise with our advanced filters to combine or eliminate keywords, and drill down to specific platforms, countries, languages, gender, and more.

Social media can be noisy. These powerful filters help you cut through.

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Image & video wall

Picture your brand instantly with our image wall to discover how your customers talk about you visually on social media and the web.

Image and video are more important than ever. Stay in control your brand image online.

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Powerful social listening, simplified.


AI-enriched data:

Access AI-enriched social data with audience demographics, word cloud, sentiment analysis, and more for actionable insights.


Global coverage:

Comprehensive data coverage across all industries with millions of sources and major platforms. Includes APAC-specific social networks like Weibo, Youku, Baidu, and more.


One-click reports:

Export data reports in one click and bring key customer insights to your next meeting, or share with important stakeholders.


Unlimited searches with no setup:

Get instant social data and insights with no limitations, complex setup, or technical training.


Competitive benchmarking:

Track online conversations about competitors and compare multiple brands and campaigns at a glance.


12-month historical data:

Travel back in time and track up to 12 months of social conversations to analyze the evolution of any brand, campaign, or market trend.

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"This fantastic new tool allows Danoners to incorporate the voice of consumers in more and more aspects of their work and to deliver smarter marketing strategies."

Jeanne-Marie Lopez, Social Media Intelligence Manager, Danone

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