Brand Equity Measurement

Brand Equity Measurement via Online Conversations

Track your brand equity as it evolves in real time, instead of waiting for weekly or monthly reports. Linkfluence analyzes content from a comprehensive social data stream to provide a detailed picture of your brand equity, benchmarked against your competitors.

Understand the conversation drivers for your industry

By analyzing social data with a combination of advanced algorithms and human expertise, we can help you to identify the main conversation drivers around your brand as well as the key audience segments across all your markets. 


Linkfluence brand equity tracking can show you how consumers associate your brand with the topics and values that are most important to your business.


Brand equity measurement against your competitors

It’s good to understand how your brand is performing, but it’s better to be able to measure it against competitors. Linkfluence can track your brand equity against a benchmark set of competing and emerging brands, giving you a clear idea of where you stand against your competitors and what you need to do to improve.  


Our ADPR framework (Awareness, Desirability, Proximity, Relevance) enables you to use the most common quantitative KPIs across the full spectrum of your marketing activity, giving you a consistent set of metrics. Whether you’re measuring the ROI of digital activity or offline campaigns, you’ll be sure that you’re getting an accurate and comparable reading.


Get the full picture, quicker

Our platform analyzes a huge volume of social media conversations, and our brand equity tracking is based on industry data that encompases all of the major brands in your industry, not just yours. Data for each industry is fully analyzed and structured by our research team, to deliver a pre-structured framework that measures all brands fairly and accurately. 


This ensures you’re getting the full picture of how your brand fits into the ecosystem, rather than an echo-chamber that only focuses on your own business. 


Linkfluence’s methodological framework is designed to be compatible with traditional focus groups, brand equity tracking and dipsticks. However, unlike these, it provides continuous, real-time results so you can check on your brand health whenever you like without having to wait for research reports to be delivered.

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The Linkfluence Difference

We apply AI, data-science, and human market-research expertise to a comprehensive social data stream, enabling us to uncover consumer insights that regular social listening cannot.
Always-on, real-time analysis

Always-on, real-time analysis
Voice of a large volume of consumers

Voice of a large volume of consumers
Unbiased feedback from spontaneous conversations

Unbiased feedback from spontaneous conversations

Powerful topic identification based on topic clustering and human expertise
Unrivaled global data coverage

Unrivaled global data coverage
Premium value-added services

Premium value-added services

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Move from data to insights with Linkfluence Consumer Intelligence:

  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that encapsulates years of consumer insight production expertise
  • Instant access to insights through turnkey solutions for brand equity tracking
  • Unrivaled data coverage (China, APAC, Russia, Global platforms)
  • Proven success and adoption with large, complex organizations thanks to value-added services