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A Content Creation Tool that Drives Relevance and Engagement

Great content is at the core of all marketing. But how do you create content that cuts through the noise and grabs your audience’s attention? Linkfluence content creation software helps you identify the topics and ideas that will resonate with your target market. Analyze your own content, UGC, and competitors to understand what has the most impact. 

Keep on top of the conversation

Our unique combination of advanced algorithms and human experts help you understand the nuances and underlying themes that drive conversations amongst the communities you’re trying to reach.


With a deep understanding of the issues they’re interested in, the questions they have, and the challenges they want to address, you’ll be able to plan effective content campaigns that give your audiences exactly what they’re looking for. 


Track the direction of the conversation. Reveal emerging topics and rising trends. Understand how your communities express themselves so you can improve how you engage with them.


Linkfluence highlights and analyzes your top-performing content, content from your competitors, and user-generated content to create data-driven content creation briefs and provide inspiration for impactful content.


A content creation tool that helps you focus on your audience

Great content is about your audience, not your brand. Content marketing works best when it helps customers answer questions or solve problems, not when it’s giving them a hard sell. Linkfluence helps you understand exactly who your audience is, what they’re talking about, and how they discuss those topics. 


This means, for example, you can explore how demographic groups respond to your content and messaging in different markets, or you can focus on a specific segment to understand how best to reach them.


Inform the full brand and content lifecycle

Linkfluence enables you to add fuel to your content engine with insight into what really resonates:


Create more relevant and engaging content for every stage of your buyer journey
Understand how your audience talks about a topic so you can engage more authentically
Measure engagement and shares in real-time so you can continually optimize

The Linkfluence Difference

We apply AI, data-science, and human market-research expertise to a comprehensive social data stream, enabling us to uncover consumer insights that regular social listening cannot.
Demographic audience analysis

Demographic audience analysis
Detection of language used

Detection of language used
Big data approach

Big data approach

AI-driven Sub-Topic identification
Picture wall

Picture wall
Custom data visualization

Custom data visualization

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Move from data to insights with Linkfluence Consumer Intelligence:

  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that encapsulates years of consumer insight production expertise
  • Instant access to insights through turnkey solutions for content ideation
  • Unrivaled data coverage (China, APAC, Russia, Global platforms)
  • Proven success and adoption with large, complex organizations thanks to value-added services