Influencers Discovery & Vetting

An Influencer Marketing Platform for Discovery, Vetting and Measurement

There’s nothing more powerful than a word of mouth recommendation from a trusted source, and consumers consistently rank online influencers among their most trusted sources. Linkfluence’s social insights platform makes it easy to identify the best influencers for your target audience, and to vet them so you can be sure they’re able to carry your message to the people you want to reach.

Find your best-fit partners

With Linkfluence’s combination of advanced social insights algorithms and human research experts, you can quickly cut through the noise and find the best partners to amplify your brand messages. We can help you discover:


Who is leading the conversations that matter most to your brand?
Whose voices carry the most weight in those conversations?
Which influencers are your competitors already working with? 


From celebrity endorsements for brand awareness to micro-influencers for grassroots campaigns, Linkfluence can help you decide who best to work with. Explore their most-discussed topics, their audience’s interests, and their best-performing content, to get a clear picture of how suitable they are for your brand. 


We track influencers across six million different topics so you can find unique creators whatever the niche, demographic or region.


Ensure brand suitability and safety

Ensure the influencers you engage with are reliable and convey the kind of values that you are happy for your brand to be associated with. While an influencer might superficially seem like an ideal match, sometimes there can be potential problems buried in their older social media activity which might resurface and tarnish your brand. 


Linkfluence's influencer marketing platform can help you evaluate celebrities, influencers and other key opinion leaders for suitability and safety based on metrics such as authority score, risk index, reach and affinity with your target audiences.


Measure the performance of your ambassadors

Influencer marketing doesn’t need to be difficult to measure. With Linkfluence you can monitor the performance of each activity, so you can understand how well an individual influencer campaign or just a specific piece of content is delivering. 


Track the impact of your influencer marketing campaigns and the effect on your brand awareness, sentiment, and sales, then use this insight to fine tune your marketing tactics.


Connect to specialist influencer marketing tools

Linkfluence has close partnerships and integrations with a number of specialist influencer marketing platforms including Traackr and Lefty. 


Our acquisition by Meltwater has given us access to the industry’s most comprehensive social data sources, as well as a broader range of influencer marketing tools to complement our own platform.


The Linkfluence Difference

We apply AI, data-science, and human market-research expertise to a comprehensive social data stream, enabling us to uncover consumer insights that regular social listening cannot.
Always-on, real-time analysis

Always-on, real-time analysis
Brand safety and reputational risk scoring

Brand safety and reputational risk scoring
Unrivaled data coverage

Unrivaled data coverage
Powerful sentiment analysis

Powerful sentiment analysis
AI-driven topic identification

AI-driven topic identification
Influencer module

Influencer module

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Move from data to insights with Linkfluence Consumer Intelligence:

  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that encapsulates years of consumer insight production expertise
  • Instant access to insights through turnkey solutions for influencers discovery and vetting
  • Unrivaled data coverage (China, APAC, Russia, Global platforms)
  • Proven success and adoption with large, complex organizations thanks to value-added services