Tribes Identification & Activation

The Best Audience Segmentation Tool for your Digital Tribes

Online audiences are more complex and intertwined than ever before. Understanding which communities are relevant to your brand, and how they overlap and interact with each other is a difficult job for marketers. Linkfluence enables you to easily map out your tribes and communities so you can segment, understand and activate them more effectively.

Reveal your tribes

Linkfluence’s machine learning algorithms map 140 million profiles across six million topics to identify your tribes and communities. Explore tribes of like-minded buyers to gather actionable consumer insights.


Go beyond conventional demographic audience segmentation and discover the things that really unite your tribes. Gain an understanding of their common interests, the values and perspectives they share, what activities they enjoy, how they make decisions, who they trust, and so much more. This gives you a much richer picture of who they really are, instead of just how they feel about your brand. 


Linkfluence audience segmentation software enables you to listen to your tribes in real time and identify new opportunities through changes in mindsets and emerging behaviours.


Understand their interests

With a deeper understanding of what makes your audience segments tick, you’ll be able to build trust and authenticity by demonstrating your commitment to the values and issues that they really care about. 


We can help you speak in a language and tone that resonates with them, and craft content that builds engagement naturally by connecting with them on a level they appreciate. 


Discover the main topics of discussions. Identify the most engaging content and authors within your tribes and sub-tribes. Know what they like, how they make decisions, who they trust, their challenges, and their expectations. Find the language, tone, topics, trends and causes that matter most to them. Develop content and engage them more effectively according to their mindset.


Monitor how well your brand resonates

Linkfluence audience segmentation software lets you measure how your brand is discussed and perceived by your tribes, so you can understand how well your campaigns are working and make on-the-fly optimizations or replicate strategies that are working well. 


Identify “tribe leaders” - the influential voices within an audience segment who are leading the conversation, for potential partnerships and influencer campaigns. Uncover your tribe’s unmet needs, their expectations and aspirations, and pinpoint new opportunities to engage with them.


Upgrade to the next level audience segmentation tool

Linkfluence Tribes empowers you to build sophisticated audience segments like never before. Consumers are complex, with constantly evolving behaviors and attitudes; it’s not enough to pigeon-hole them into crude categories any more. 


With Linkfluence you’ll be able to drill down into the numerous tribes that make up your broader audience, so you can see the full picture of what makes each tribe unique, what they all have in common, and how they overlap and interact with one another.


The Linkfluence Difference

We apply AI, data-science, and human market-research expertise to a comprehensive social data stream, enabling us to uncover consumer insights that regular social listening cannot.
Multi-platforms & account consolidation

Multi-platforms & account consolidation
Combination of human expertise and machine learning

Combination of human expertise and machine learning
Data structuring to identify shared values and interests

Data structuring to identify shared values and interests
Always-on, real-time analysis

Always-on, real-time analysis
Topic detection based on content similarity

Topic detection based on content similarity
Premium value-added services

Premium value-added services

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Move from data to insights with Linkfluence Consumer Intelligence:

  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that encapsulates years of consumer insight production expertise
  • Instant access to insights through turnkey solutions for tribes identification & activation
  • Unrivaled data coverage (China, APAC, Russia, Global platforms)
  • Proven success and adoption with large, complex organizations thanks to value-added services